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Welcome To My Suzuki RF 900 StreetFighter Project

I have been working on my RF900R StreetFighter since late 2012 but due to other commitments it hasn’t progressed at any great speed. This blog is designed to share with you the stages that my RF900R has gone through, from an almost original bike to a custom StreetFighter, and hopefully the bike of my dreams.

I will be posting updates when and as I can but feel free to subscribe to the mail listing to be notified of any progress.

Below are the build stages of my Suzuki RF900R StreetFighter. I have tried my best to brake the StreetFighter build up into clear stages and describe what I have done to the change the RF900R from its origins to the custom StreetFighter of my dreams.

If you have any questions about the bike, the parts / services used or anything else, feel free to contact me though the contact form.

* Please be patient – this blog is very picture heavy and can load slower than other pages

30. Sunshine Update V3

30. Sunshine Update V3


Another sunny day means another photoshoot. Final post for a while as away from home and am still waiting for the carbs to return. Just a photo dump of the project as of beginning of October (2016). Enjoy. Suzuki RF900 StreetFighter wallpaper side viewSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter window clutch cover, abba stand, akrapovic slip on exhaustRF900 StreetFighter full stainless steel exhaustSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter side viewSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter on abba stand, windowed clutch cover, exhaust, overflow bottleSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter cooling hoses, upgraded, modifidedSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter wallpaperSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter wallpaper 180 tyre, akaprovic stainless steel exhaust, r6 tail swap, renthalSuzuki RF900 tail swap StreetFighter WallpaperRF900 StreetFighter ProjectSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter profile, window clutch coverSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter ProjectRF900 StreetFighter ProjectSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter headlight swap, usd forks from gsxr1100, overflow bottleSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter engine upgrades, window clutch cover, engine painted, radiator, stainless exhaust, gilles rear set upgradeSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter rear profile of custom streetfighterSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter Project carbon custom stickerSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter carbon r6 tail and r&g tail tidy, renthal barsAkrapovic Carbon Hex end can with baffle in and carbon hangerSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter custom speedo from dan moto mini renthal handle bar risers Suzuki RF900 StreetFighter left hand controls upgradeSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter k&n oiln filter, abba stand, window clutch coverSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter carbon akrapovic hex can full exhaust with r&g exhaust protectorSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter custom speedo from dan moto mini renthal handle bar risersSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter tailSuzuki RF900 StreetFighter wallpaper modified upgraded custom parts

29. Electrics Overview V1

29. Electrics Overview V1


So even though I haven’t really written almost anything about it, I ‘ve done quite a bit of work on the electrics on the bike which I thought I would review for you while waiting for the carbs to return.

New Battery

So some of you may have noticed that near the beginning of the project I was using a yellow battery. I bought from eBay which worked fine but recently I purchased this bad boy (also from eBay) rf900 motorcycle lithium ion battery “Shido Lithium Ion 36W Battery” as you can tell by its name, is a lithium ion battery which means it is as light as a feather and apparently puts out much more power to turn the bike over. Also has pretty lights 🙂 I also picked up this little gadget that I have fitted into the underside of the subframe which flashes (looks like an alarm flash) so I can see what charge is on the bike (red.. yellow.. green..). If I’m still not sure, this £3 dial shows the real voltage of the battery. As I couldn’t find a place I was happy to mount it on the front dash (I will come to the details on the changes to the front dash later in this post) I decided to mount it next to the fuse box (logical)(no pictures of it mounted yet). Again, some of you may have noticed I relocated the fuse box to under the new passenger seat of the R9 subframe as I can quickly access this with a key (whereas the main seat needs an alan key). Suzuki RF900 tail swap electrics loom


Working my way forward on the bike we come to the coils. So I have already shown you these in an earlier post“Post 14” .  I will just leave some pics of them on the bike. (Pics Coming Soon)


If you have seen my build before, I made a post a while ago about how I bought this amazing speedo “..” and how this my perfect speedo… bla bla bla … Yes this is an amazing speedo and would be great on any bike but in my opinion it does not look right on a street fighter. It’s too big for a bike that is meant to be about minimalizing and looking aggressive. So the speedo I went for was a Dan Moto - Nano Dash. suzuki rf900 speedo part Not sure how it will work out as haven’t used the bike yet but it fits nicely in the brace on the handle bars and works well with the look. Still need to add the speed sensor and calibrate it but will do that later when I tackle the front brakes. Hand controls The RF900 hand controls looked…in a single word…tired. However, the design was an even bigger issue - very much of a certain era, with those sharp angles and button shape. I felt like it need an update to complement the speedo and Brembo RCS Cylinders next to them. The left hand controls are from a 06 Bandit 1200 . As always, bought from eBay. Much better looking and was fairly easy to match up the correct wires. Also has a hazard button which could come in handy 🙂 The right hand controls are from a 02 Hayabusa . Originally I bought the right hand controls from another Suzuki (can’t remember which model) as there was no throttle casing on the controls. This was because I was planning to add a quick throttle. I can still do this in the future but for the moment I am using the standard throttle and cabling which will probably suit my riding better.


So the head light has been quite obvious since the bike changed direction to become a StreetFighter. Its call a YAMAHA MT03 bought from (?) with a pair of mounting brackets that I had powdercoated to match the rest of the RF. suzuki rf900 braided brake lines and new headlight with USD forks from a gsxr1100 I will also be buying a LED bulb & converter as the post on the rfownersclub forum has shown how much better they are. NO ALARM YET… will be looking to add a Thatcham alarm once I get the bike running.

28. GSXR1100 / RF900R Akrapovic Exhaust V2

28. GSXR1100 / RF900 Akrapovic Exhaust V2


Some proper images of the Akrapovic headers on the RF900 StreetFighter in all its glory. Suzuki RF900 StreetFighter polished stainless steel exhaust headers from akrapovic RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project Suzuki RF900 StreetFighter braced swingarm with carbon mudguard and gillies rear set, 180 tyre wavy disk brake and brembo caliper BUT WAIT… THERE’S MORE… I have the final pièce de résistance to complete the perfect exhaust…. RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project rf900 akrapovic carbon hex exhaust bandit gsxr RF900 StreetFighter Project akrapovic Honestly, I found this a little while ago but was saving it for when the bike had the exhaust on properly. Suzuki RF900 StreetFighter akrapovic exhaust RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project Suzuki RF900 StreetFighter exhaust RF900 StreetFighter Project Suzuki RF900 StreetFighter exhaust baffle Can’t wait to hear it running but the carbs are still being rebuilt with Rob at Hampshire Motorcycles.

27. Cooling – Thermostat under Tank & Hoses

27. Cooling – Thermostat under Tank & Hoses


I had already previously moved the RF900’s thermostat but didn’t really write about it. Many people who choose to turn the RF900 into a street fighter don’t bother to move the thermostat from the mount point on the outside right hand side of the frame, which in my opinion looks nasty and a little lazy – other people have proved that it looks so much better moved under the tank. Moving the thermostat was probably the only thing that I succeeded to do during my first StreetFighter build attempt. Some people say there isn’t enough room under the tank for the thermostat. I had made it work before (although it did rest a little on the breather case) and with this build and the new stick coils – (more on that in my next post) I had plenty of room to work with. I could even use the mount points from the old coils to make a proper bracket for the thermostat. Suzuki RF900 StreetFighter thermostat moved under the tank, modified cooling circuit One thing you may have noticed is that I have changed the black end of the thermostat. The original RF900 thermostat has a right angled connector to connect the radiator. With the relocation and new bracket I found that this angle was too sharp to produce a nice flow to the radiator. So I used the straight connector from the GSXR1100 – which fit perfectly to the RF900 thermostat. suzuki RF900 thermostat It seems that the pipe work for the new black end is a little smaller that the original part but I don’t think it will affect the cooling performance especial as in the UK the weather rarely gets very hot. Suzuki RF900 thermostat mod mouting braket Suzuki RF900 thermostat under tank StreetFighter Project Cap needs painting Suzuki RF900 StreetFighter under tank thermostat and stick coil conversion RF900 coolant mod Overflow bottle. Always a good question - what to do with the overflow bottle on a street fighter? The RF900 overflow bottle was originally attached to the subframe under the big arse fairings. It is not the best looking part to come from a Suzuki. Therefore, a new water bottle was needed. Found this one on eBay. Not sure it is perfect but will do for now. StreetFighter overflow bottle Mounting point will most likely be near the radiator but will have to decide exactly where nearer the first run. The newly painted engine will also need some pretty new water hoses, mostly for aesthetic reasons but the old hoses had a lot of crud in them and were pretty tired after being on the bike for 17 years. RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project New Clamps RF900 hose clamps Radiator needs some work… not sure what to do. RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project May look for a new one (saw one on eBay for an RF900 - £450!!!) or get it reconditioned as others have done on the rfownersclub. If it cleans up nicely I may be able to hide most of the broken fins with the new RF900 Radiator grill. RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project Suzuki RF900 StreetFighter parts, cooling hoses RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project RF900 StreetFighter Project